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I discovered that Reid Mihalko, who runs a sex-advice Web site called reidaboutsex. Ferriss, who is thirty-three years old, is almost impossibly affable, with a square jaw, twinkling blue eyes, and a tanned, well-shaped skull that beams through his close-cropped fair hair. At the party, he bounded around the room, dispensing vigorous hugs to the women and grasping the men by the deltoid muscle. A tall woman with long dark hair, who was wearing a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and high-heeled red shoes, approached him.

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Ferriss, who was dressed in jeans and an untucked plaid shirt, yelped in delighted recognition, and hugged her warmly. Though they were typically in touch by e-mail at least once a day, they had never met.

Every generation gets the self-help guru that it deserves. By the seventies, Werner Erhard and est promised material wealth through spiritual enlightenment. Rather, he prescribes a kind of hyperkinetic entrepreneurialism of the body and soul, with every man his own life coach, angel investor, Web master, personal trainer, and pharmaceutical test subject. If you cannot find these, opt for calipers with a qualified professional use the same person for all follow-up visits and request the 3-point or 7-point Jackson-Pollock algorithm.

Most guys like pornography. And Santa Claus does not exist. And once, in Cape Town, after megadosing on resveratrol, which may extend life in laboratory mice, he discovered that the tablets also contained a laxative.

Such stunts might lead readers to conclude that Ferriss is something of a quack, but he is careful to issue disclaimers. Consult a doctor before doing anything in this book. Critics have compared him to P. Ferriss, naturally, sees himself as more than a mere huckster. He particularly admires Seneca for his mastery of strategic thinking and for his advocacy of a practice of detachment from worldly things.



In , Ferriss, feeling burned out as the C. He also found that, by automating his business operations to the largest extent possible, he was able to pull this off. To a point, at least. He is constantly busting ass. Ferriss tells readers how they might lose twenty pounds in thirty days without exercise—eggs, spinach, and lentils are crucial—and how to triple their testosterone levels.

Gentlemen, put your iPhone in the pocket of your backpack, not the pocket of your jeans. He was unmistakable: bobbing on his seat in a T-shirt and jeans in a roomful of men wearing dark suits and women with Japanese-straightened hair, he looked like a friendly backpacker hoping to fulfill a couch-surfing rendezvous with a hospitable stranger. Ferriss grew up in the Hamptons, though not, he was quick to point out, amid the kind of folk who shop at Barneys.

His father was a real-estate agent, and his mother was a physical therapist who worked with geriatric patients. Ferriss went to local schools until he was in his freshman year at East Hampton High, when a friend who attended St. He did so, and was accepted, arriving for his sophomore year. Ferriss had been wrestling since childhood, and he became an eager member of the St. Then you began to see the more entrepreneurial side. He would start to do more with less. He scoured the fine print of the rules and discovered that, if a combatant fell off the fighting platform three times within a round, he lost the match.

It was a formative experience. All these conventions that I realized were fairly arbitrary led me to question a lot of assumptions that I had in all areas. You'll also learn how to uncover additional advisory opportunities utilizing custom reporting based on your custom fields.

Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving professional service small business clients. See Powerpoint presentation You just got contacted by your biggest potential client ever and they want consulting or advisory services. You've got the skills. How do you conduct that initial client interview confidently? You've probably experienced this: with every service you offer, you can be very good at what you do but selling the service starts with your confidence and demonstration of your competence.

In this session, we will look at a variety of ways that you can prepare for and guide the conversation, frame the engagement in a way that best fits your strengths, and deliver a proposal that continues to wow them. See Powerpoint presentation The world is moving from products and services to subscriptions, favoring access and transformations over ownership and deliverables. The advantages are many, including: predictable revenue; not selling services, but creating annuities with a lifetime value that far exceeds whatever you paid to acquire them; collective knowledge of your customers, a competitive advantage that cannot be duplicated; one-to-one marketing; not pricing a product or service, but rather customer transformation and peace of mind; you can predict demand and plan capacity more effectively; and it breaks down silos.

Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals interested in learning how to implement subscription service pricing model. See Powerpoint presentation In this session we'll cover mistakes typically made in accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting for these unique non-profit entities. We'll discuss some of the interesting and unique needs in the personnel arena. You will walk away empowered to use QBO to help Church Leaders, Treasurers and volunteer Bookkeepers get and keep their books in proper order, make wise decisions about the money entrusted to them, and strengthen the financial position of the church so they can fulfill their mission purpose.

Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving religious organizations. See Powerpoint presentation It can be challenging to support retailers who have physical brick-and-mortar stores and also sell their goods via various on-line channels. In this intermediate-level class, we will cover solutions that integrate with QBO to allow your retailer clients to easily sell their wares in person, on their own websites, and on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay as well, all while properly tracking their inventory.

Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving small businesses who sell via retail and ecommerce channels. See Powerpoint presentation Depending on the size and type of law firm you are working with, they have special reporting needs. Learn how to customize reports in QBO, what other tools you might need, and best practices for how to handle situations for different types of law firms.

Take an in-depth look at trust ledger reports, expense reports, WIP, and compensation reports. Learn what attorneys need, depending on the type of law they practice and their size, and how to easily get them the information they need. Bundled Services are the Bomb. See Powerpoint presentation This session provides the framework for multi-service firms to update traditional billing practices to delight clients, to create internal capacity, deliver higher value advisory services and drive double-digit growth in firm revenue.

Includes best practices to onboard clients to the right service levels.


Attendees will be equipped with client messaging and sample bundled service packages that better communicate firm value. Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals interested in learning how to implement a bundled pricing strategy. See Powerpoint presentation Growing mid-market professional service clients have unique reporting needs.

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In this course, we will look at reporting needs and requirements at multiple levels within your clients organization. Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving professional service mid-market clients. See Powerpoint presentation In this session, you will gain insight into the design and configuration of QuickBooks Online at the database level. The safeguards and limitations of the QBO Database will be emphasized.


We will examine the basic tables of the more frequently used areas of QuickBooks Online when connecting 3rd party apps. There are a variety of 3rd party apps and by understanding the areas of QBO they access ProAdvisors can make more informed decisions as to what apps will help them accomplish tasks, and gain better outcomes for their clients.

Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals interested in learning how the QBO database works on the back end, and how to best choose apps for their clients. See Powerpoint presentation As bookkeeping becomes more of an automated and commoditized service, learning how to successfully implement Advisory services will be important for you to differentiate yourself and stay competitive. Come learn the 5 Key Skills to Advisory Services and how you can master these skills to have a successful advisory practice.

Walk away with practical next steps on your advisory journey. See Powerpoint presentation As an advisor to construction companies, you already know how demanding job costing and other construction related accounting tasks can be. Your construction clients are also struggling to keep up with the high level of compliance and paperwork demands that come along with a lot of their projects such as certificates of insurance, warranty letters, and lien documents.

Tapping into this need and offering a new level of operational advisory services can set your practice apart from the rest. Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving construction clients. Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals serving non-profit clients. See Powerpoint presentation See supplemental material By now, we all know that we should be providing advisory services.

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Come learn from three experts on how they incorporated advisory into their successful practice and became more profitable. You will walk away understanding how they overcame their challenges in creating, pricing, and scaling their advisory services.

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Ideal Audience: Accounting professionals who serve e-commerce and retail clients. See Powerpoint presentation See supplemental material There are many apps you can choose to support your clients who sell their goods via popular e-commerce channels. Come and learn from experts who will discuss the apps they like best as well as what type of client each app is best for.

The panel members will also share key things to watch for as you go about choosing and installing e-commerce apps for your clients. See Powerpoint presentation Behind every set of numbers there is a human story, our skills as the Natural Numbers Whisperer brings this story to life for our clients.

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When viewed through our lens as a professional advisor real time data can transform from information into insights. We just happen to utilize Accounting as the delivery vehicle. The Spanish speaking tribe of accountants at QuickBooks Connect meets to empower one another and this year, we'll meet to discuss tools to help you grow your business. See Powerpoint presentation See supplemental material Learn from your peers who work with construction clients about automating and on-boarding using apps.

See Powerpoint presentation See supplemental material If you already have law clients, you want to evolve the relationship. To do that, you need to know the specifics of law firm workflows, who works there, metrics and compliance. See Powerpoint presentation See supplemental material Many non-profits go through an audit or review by an outside CPA either annually or periodically. This panel will share and discuss what auditors are looking for and how to quickly be ready with everything they ask for. After this panel, you will: understand the key elements of a non-profit audit, know what's required before you're asked for it and know the features in QBO and APPS that can help streamline your audit and are acceptable to auditors.

See Powerpoint presentation "Do you want to know what Advisory means?