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Watch the full documentary: please click here. The book:. A Secret Country - John Pilger - He talks about what has and hasn't changed about Australia since then. Within a year, barely reported statistics revealed how bogus it all was. Out of Aboriginal children examined by doctors, a maximum of four possible cases of sexual abuse were identified. The Australian Crimes Commission found no evidence of paedophile rings.

What they found they already knew: poverty and sickness on the scale of Africa and India. The Indigenous affairs minister, Jenny Macklin, has decreed that unless certain communities hand over their precious freehold leases they will be denied basic services. The Northern Territory contains abundant mineral wealth, such as uranium, and has long been eyed by multinationals as a lucrative radioactive waste dump. The state of Western Australia imprisons Aboriginal men at eight times the apartheid figure, an Aussie world record.

On 16 November, a year-old Aboriginal boy appeared in court charged with receiving a Freddo Frog chocolate bar from a friend who had allegedly taken it from a supermarket.

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The supermarket did not seek prosecution. Only the international headlines forced the police to drop the case. Two thirds of Aboriginal children who have contact with the police are jailed; two thirds of white children are cautioned.

The roads are dirt; water trickles from a single standpipe in many communities. She saw children, their eyes streaming and coughs hacking. She met Elsie, who sleeps on a mattress in the desert, yet pays rent to the government. Lakotah is real and you can find it in the Midwest.

A Secret Country

Back in the day, the US government agreed. In , the tribe signed a deal with Washington that gave it the right to the territory. Faced with an onslaught of prospectors rushing into the Black Hills, the government quietly forgot all about its own treaty and let the Lakota get kicked off their land. In , the tribe made a formal petition to Washington, asking for its reservations to be joined into a sovereign nation. As of , the Lakota still consider themselves an independent state and are fighting to be recognized internationally.

August 11, is an important day in the Baloch region, a vast province that makes up nearly 45 percent of Pakistan. They claim the British recognized the territory as a state just before leaving, only for Pakistan to illegally annex it less than a year later. On the other side, Pakistan claims the four provinces making up Balochistan individually agreed to join their country.

Following the rape of a local girl by a Pakistani army captain in , the province exploded into unrest that has gripped it ever since. At the time of writing, the wannabe nation is under de facto military control , but its government in exile continues to push for either full independence from Pakistan or at least full autonomy. Although most Balochs view Islamabad with suspicion and want to break away, it seems unlikely they will ever achieve this aim. In , Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and, with the support of Albania, set up its own functioning government.

An enclave of 40, ethnic Greeks living in Albania, the province has endured uneasy relations with Tirana for decades. Between and , Greece and Albania were technically in a state of war over its status.

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Although the goal of Greeks living in Northern Epirus is to become part of Greece, the province already functions as a kind of autonomous state. During the Communist years, the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha gifted the community control of 99 villages in the area. What makes a nation? Abkhazia has a distinct ethnic population, borders based on historical boundaries, its own military, a functioning government, a national bank, its own passports, and recognition from at least four UN member nations Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Nauru.


Yet, to over 90 percent of the world, it remains a province of Georgia, the country it broke away from in a devastating — war. Historically, Abkhazia is as much an independent nation as somewhere like Wales.

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  5. Between the ninth century and AD, it operated as a sovereign kingdom, before being subsumed into Georgia and then into Russia. When the USSR collapsed, the people of Abkhazia declared a return to their medieval borders, sparking off a ferocious war with Georgia.

    A Secret Country

    As a result of large-scale ethnic cleansing, most Georgians have now fled the province, while most Abkhazians have fled Georgia. Since , it has claimed itself an independent state. Since the early s, Russia has been using Abkhazia as a way of irritating its enemy Georgia. Putin even used the wannabe state to open up a new front against Tbilisi in the Russia-Georgia war. Speaking of which. A tiny stretch of land in the north of Georgia, South Ossetia is barely 4, square kilometers 1, mi 2 of rugged, windswept, mountainous terrain that houses a mere 50, people.

    Yet its citizens believe their territory constitutes an independent nation. At its end in , South Ossetia was still an uneasy part of Georgia, only now patrolled by peacekeepers from both countries plus Russia. A mere two years later, Georgia sent the tanks in to bring its restive province to heel, only to be chased away when Russia invaded.

    Since then, South Ossetia has been de facto independent, with its own government.

    In October , president Leonid Tibilov declared his intention to make the territory a formal part of Russia. In March , the Barotse National Council decided to unilaterally declare independence from Zambia over a promise broken nearly 50 years earlier. According to the Barotseland royal household, its treaty to join Zambia was supposed to give the kingdom complete autonomy within the country.

    Up until that point, the region had been an independent nation, recognized as such by the colonial British administration.

    A Secret Country: The Hidden Australia by John Pilger

    However, the moment the treaty was signed, Zambia incorporated Barotseland fully, rendering it little more than a regular province with no special status. In the decades since, attempts to agitate for independence have been broken up with beatings and bullets. This is particularly galling, as Barotseland was once the heart of an empire that stretched from Angola to Namibia and up into the modern Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as controlling most of Zambia.

    Although the current royal household only wants a small strip of , square kilometers 50, mi 2 returned to it the whole western province , the government in Lusaka has chosen to ignore its pleas entirely.

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    Comprising the western edge of Myanmar along the border with India and Bangladesh, Chinland is home to around 1. There are at least six major ethnic groups in the region, subdivided into 63 tribes that speak around 20 languages. The one thing they all have in common is their historical grievance against Myanmar. Then the British arrived and conquered everything. When the empire pulled out of the subcontinent in the late s, it left the fledgling nation at the mercy of its bigger neighbors.