DOC CHAOS: The Chernobyl Effect

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CBRNE - Radiation Emergencies: Overview, Terminology, Biologic Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Thoroughly original. This is a brutally accusing novel, specially illustrated by some of the finest talents in British comics today, and written by the imaginative writer of Doc Chaos. Having gone mostly online in , Freedom Press continues to publish an irregular paper today.

Diseases Caused By Chernobyl

Those and many other issues stretching back to our founding in are online above, at libcom. The book publishing arm of Freedom Press has a history stretching back to the 19th century and continues to publish today. Keep up with the news, features and interviews Freedom Press produces over the year with our irregular newsletters.

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Skip to content. Dave Thorpe born is a British writer who is best known for his work on Captain Britain.

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David Thorpe's career began when he joined Marvel UK in as an assistant editor and art assistant. He created many of the characters later used by Alan Moore and wrote the character till issue Moore took over the writing duties from issue Thorpe and Davis both doing some of their earliest professional comics work created Mad Jim Jaspers and wrote the story that would lead into the Jaspers' Warp storyline. The political commentaries in Thorpe's stories ignited conflicts with his editors, leading to his being taken off the series; Davis later commented, "Dave's departure was the result of months of petty politics and very unpleasant.

Speaker Profile - David Thorpe

Davis credits Thorpe with coming up with the term Earth , the designation for the main universe in the Marvel Multiverse. He says it was based on , a variation on the Number of the Beast , because "Dave Thorpe, who wasn't a fan of the modern superhero genre, was responsible for most of the more madcap or satirical elements — such as recording his opinion of the Marvel Universe with the designation Thorpe's next work of note was Doc Chaos — Doc Chaos was a commissioned TV series, two comics series, and a novella.


Limehouse Productions commissioned scripts, which were co-written by Thorpe with Lawrence Gray. A comics version achieved a cult following. Various cartoon strips in journals have also been published.

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  • Thorpe conceived, commissioned, and edited a series of titles on behalf of Macdonald-Futura matching best-selling literary authors with notable comics artists, a project forced to be abandoned upon the suicide of that publisher's owner, Kevin Maxwell. One title in the series was taken up by another publisher: Doris Lessing 's Playing the Game , published by HarperCollins. In the s, until , Thorpe founded and managed the Publications arm of the Centre for Alternative Technology , which commissioned and published approximately 90 titles under his supervision.