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Nothing malicious, just fun ways to make him fume. If you've been in a similar situation, what have you done and gotten away with? This is my setup I have a small front porch and I think the area in front of the steps belongs to my apartment. He has to walk by my door, and my little garden area, to leave his house. Just in case this helps with your creativity. If you can bear it yourself put up "Gartenzwerge".

A hidden small speaker that emits farting and belching sounds that is motion sensor activated as he walks by. Also arrange house exchanges with some Rastafarians from Jamaica. You can have a nice vacation while he enjoys some really loud reggae music. You could create an invite for a house party on a bullitin board and use his address. Probably best not to use this one as a lot will probably turn up and get pissed off at you.

Is he an anal German obssessed with snow clearance? Then leave your path covered with snow and trail muudy footprints to your door. He can't do anything about that.

How to Annoy Your Neighbor (with Pictures) - wikiHow

I've heard It doesn't cost any money, but then he maybe ends up on several interesting mailing lists. So is all of this actually legal? I'm positive there are laws regarding barking dogs they may only bark for a short itme and loud music he's called the cops on my other neighbors for that. Plus I have other neighbors that are cool and I don't want to bother them. If someone slips and breaks their leg in front of your house during this time, you will be liable. Bipa: We think alike. If I knew where to get the ingredients for "special" brownies, maybe my neighbor wouldn't be bothering me so much.

Unless you mean a different kind of brownie Keep the ideas coming! I feel better already.

I love the motion-detector-farting-speaker. Does that really exist? I'm not sure how the law stands in this country really, but surely if you don't get caught, anything is legal? Another one was dating agancies with people they found to fit an obnoxiouzs profile. Used to be sent lists of girls who were opera lovers or something like that. MichiS, that link didn't work for me.

No. 1: Do complain unnecessarily.

It says "Product Not Found" Remote control would do fine! Schotte, I guess so but if he can prove I did something illegal, then I'd be caught.

Bad Neighbors: Who Are They?

For all I know he's got a webcam set up in his window. One suggestion would be two lines of snowmen, one either side of the path. Another option, construct a cheap wooden trellis right next to "his" fence, but on your part and completely cover it in umbrellas, lots of them. Great ideas, all three are winners and totally legal. The fence idea And I'm going to start with one snowman right now Take up a new instrument and practice until p. You really ought to confront him about the fence however. Chances are he'll back the fuck down quickly if you go at him with an attitude for daring to touch your personal property.

Don't yell or shout at your neighbor as that will just cause the situation to escalate. If your neighbors aren't home often or if you can't get them to agree to sit down and talk, write them a polite letter that states your concerns. Suggest alternatives. Be creative in thinking of ways to allow the neighbors to do what they do, but in a less annoying manner. For example, if they like to have noisy parties, ask them to end them earlier or have them only on the weekend.

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  • How to Annoy Your Neighbor (with Pictures) - wikiHow!
  • No. 1: Do complain unnecessarily.;
  • Path of Return.
  • Das K├Ârperbild: Die K├Ârperskulptur als modulare Methodik in Diagnostik und Therapie (Leben lernen 219) (German Edition).
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If their property is a nuisance with tall weeds, garbage, or clutter, offer to help them clean it up. If they have a pet that is causing a problem, suggest how they can keep the animal on a leash or build a fence. If they have caused damage to your property you can suggest how they can fix it. Take matters into your own hands.

16 Hilarious Ways To Deal With An Annoying Neighbor

Do what you can to fix the situation, especially if it is something the neighbors can't help or aren't able to fix. If pets or kids are coming into your yard, consider building a fence. Try to resolve the situation yourself before lodging a complaint. Method 2. Take notes. Make sure you document every incident involving your complaint. For example, noise or disturbances, unkempt property etc. If it is a constant problem you are more likely to get help from your landlord, neighborhood association, or the police.

Document any attempts to clear this up with the neighbors. Save any returned calls, emails, or letters that they use to respond to your request. Simply letting your troublesome neighbor know you are making note of their annoying behavior can act as a deterrent from further violations. Check your lease, if you rent. There might be rules in it regarding noise, property maintenance, visitors, or pets. If you find your neighbor's behavior is violating terms of the lease in your building, then you can let them know politely they are breaking the lease.

If they are breaking established rules set out in a lease, this can give you some leverage if you make a complaint with your landlord. If they aren't violating the lease, you can still try to complain to the landlord. File a complaint with your landlord. Give them documentation about the incident with the offending neighbors and any attempts to get the neighbors to clean up their act.

The landlord might not want to hear about minor complaints such as small amounts of noise or things beyond your control, like a crying infant. It your complaint regards a larger issue such as property damage or illegal activity, the landlord or management company will likely want to step in quickly.

Make sure you give them evidence you have resolved the issue yourself. Landlords will not want to deal with someone who is a constant complainer. Check local ordinances. There may be local laws regarding noise and disturbance, property maintenance, and pet control. See if your neighbors are violating any of these. If they are, consider making a complaint to a condo association or neighborhood organization.

You can also call the police if any of these violations get out of hand.

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Go to the authorities. If you feel threatened in any way, you should call the police. You may even save someone's life if you call about a domestic disturbance at a neighbor's property. The police can visit the property to determine if a violation is taking place. For example, if they are violating a noise level ordinance the police can assess that and write a citation. The police can keep your identity anonymous so the neighbors won't know who made the complaint. Make a complaint to your local precinct for less immediate concerns. Use these wisely, as too many complaints will be a nuisance to police and may be a distraction from their job.

The police are unlikely to be able to help about something like a dangerous tree limb or overgrown property, so keep your complaints to noise, disturbances, or troublesome behavior. Method 3. Consider taking your neighbors to court if they have caused you significant financial losses. This can be for many different issues. You can also take a neighbor to court for ordinance violations, property maintenance issues, noise violations and disturbances.

Consult a lawyer if you have doubts about filing a court case. Your lawyer can give you insight on how to file a suit and what to expect from your complaint. Make sure you tell your attorney about any attempts to remedy the situation outside of court.

Provide any documents relevant to these attempts such as voicemails, text messages, letters, etc. If you have suffered property damage or financial losses due to your neighbors, then provide any receipts you have, photos, insurance claims etc. File a court case with your local small claims court. Keep in mind that only cases where smaller amounts of money are requested or complaints about local ordinance violations can be processed by small claims courts. You will need to fill out an application and provide documentation behind your complaint. Provide receipts or estimates of the damages, and how you arrived at the amount of your requested damages.

Provide any other documentation regarding your complaint against your neighbors such as letters, voicemails, text messages, or emails. You can also provide photos of property damage or a poorly kept property.