Ripple Effect: A Park Slope Mystery

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The Leap Team making a site visit. The LEAP team identifies landowners who role model sound management practices that preserve and improve water quality and natural resources. Battle Creek Middle School students remove sod for the project.

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Linda Neilson and Rose Cherlin guide students in the site assessment. Butterfly milkweed in bloom in the Whipple Garden this past summer. An eye-catching detail in the garden. Playschool's Peace Garden.

Playschool Childcare Center's award-winning site. Kristy's welcoming flagstone pathway.

By Mary Slusarev - Mary Slusarev

Butterfly Milkweed attracts monarchs. Kristy's native plantings provide color and also help protect nearby Beaver Lake. Char and Gene's yard is lush and full of many plantings. Harding Earth Club gets directions from Jill about planting acorns. Jill talking with students about tending oak seedlings. Preparing for a District hill restoration.

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The Harding Native Plant Labyrinth. Harding Earth Club working to stop erosion on hillside behind District. Celebrating the accomplishments of Sean Uslabar.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Park Slope

Sean wearing one of his many hats at Ramsey County Corrections. Sean seeds a Keller Golf Course restoration area. The project will be managed by Watershed staff in collaboration with staff from Ramsey County Parks. Local students, Ramsey County Master Gardeners and other volunteers will assist with planting. In the coming year, our work will include removing non-native, invasive plants and enhancing the patches of native plants remaining along this stretch of the creek.

We will be planting native shrubs and trees, along with woodland wildflowers in shady spots, prairie grasses and flowers in open areas, and wet meadow species along the creek bank. Buckthorn trees with berries will be hauled offsite for disposal. In addition to plant restoration work, we are looking to improve the portage around the weir structure in the channel.

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This cut brush will be used to protect the creek bank. Some of these cut shrubs will be used to create brush bundles to protect the creek bank as plants become established. Earth moving, erosion control and planting projects will begin in April or May, depending upon the weather, and continue through the growing season. Click to enlarge.

Please stay tuned — we will report on our progress in future editions of The Ripple Effect! Power tools in the winter.