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Each story is also sold as a separate book, and the stories straddle the line between easy reader and early chapter book with three chapters per story.

Chewy's Everyday Routine - Hedgehog Edition

Includes four discussion questions one for each story ; an Urdu glossary that includes words from the text; a recipe for a yogurt drink called Mango Lassi; and instructions for making a flower motif bookmark. Monkey decides to bake a cake, bananas figure heavily into the production. So much so, that Mr. Monkey is too stuffed to sample his cake when it comes out of the oven. No problem…he decides to take it to the big cake contest. The trip is fraught with peril, as Mr. Monkey encounters traffic, a deranged biker, and multiple chases by a variety of animals. He manages to arrive safely with his cake, only to discover that the contest is over.

Monkey has a way of making pretty much any situation turn out okay.

Much more than documents.

A second book, Mr. Monkey Visits A School is also available. For Crabby, click here. For Yeti and Unicorn, click here.

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  • Otilia Umaga, La Mulata de Martinica (Spanish Edition);
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  5. Constipation is one of the most common causes of a swollen abdomen. Something as simple as tucking your tummy, can help you get flat abs. Just practice pulling your belly button back toward your spine until it becomes comfortable. Remember to practice until it becomes a habit. Many people tend to overeat due to stress, so finding other ways to help fight stress is the best thing you can do; a morning jog in the park could be part of your exercise routine.

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