Spanish Fandango

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More on this in a moment. To commemorate the lengthy siege of the Russian city of Sebastopol later spelled Sevastopol , Worrall composed a stately march that imitated a bugle and military marching band. But how did the songs Worrall copyrighted in enter the blues and folk wellsprings? The answer probably lies in dusty old guitar cases. Credit for this research goes to John Renbourn, esteemed British fingerstyle guitarist and avid student of American parlor guitar.

It looks as if a great deal has been retained, so much so that these old pieces seem to me to have laid the foundation for the emerging blues and fingerpicking guitar styles. But the connections are not limited to the tunings, they go on in terms of harmonic content and even specific right-hand patterns.

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In early recorded blues — i. In its catalog, the Gibson company stated that their guitars could be strung with steel or gut strings. On the recording, one guitarist fingerpicks leads in open G while the other flatpicks basic accompaniment. Another early version was released by Bo Carter, the main guitarist with the Mississippi Sheiks and an influence on many Delta guitarists. This allowed him to pick distinctive treble patterns while retaining a deep, powerful bass. It was being taught by white middle-class guitar teachers to white middle-class women.

How did that switch over into the black field?

Spanish Fandango

Black church music was obviously greatly influenced by the white music, but it was sped up. Nevertheless, the blacks played it much better. To this day, open D and open G remain the most popular open tunings. You can do most anything you want. One has the timbre and color, of course, and the other has entirely different vibrant points, tighter strings. The D is the blues. And the G is almost hillbilly tuning.

The Spanish Fandango - from Eighteenth-Century "Lasciviousness" to Nineteenth-Century Exoticism

I started in G tuning before I knew D. He chose a beautiful chord at the ninth fret to start the song on. He played the chord and used the notes he had in that position. But, man, to start the song on that chord!

It jumped off the record player at me. And then where do we go now? The tonic. I used to get chicken skin listening to that. There was the whole thing. I learned it from Son House.

Spanish Fandango

And whether they know it or not, anyone who uses them owes at least a passing nod of appreciation to Henry Worrall. But whatever happened to old Mr. I am delighted to report that he led an amazing life. In he moved to Topeka, Kansas, for his health. For decades he gave guitar concerts and lectures and played organ in church.

Worrall carved wood — including the Kansas State Seal — and invented several wind and hay instruments.

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He cultivated grapes and kept a large vineyard. He was well known for his pranks, and into old age he enjoyed accompanying male pupils as they serenaded girls in local colleges. This delightful man passed away in This was at the height of "parlour guitar music" - a pseudo-classical American hybrid that was very popular amongst middle class women. In fact, we refer to the guitars built during this period by Martin Guitars and other makers as parlour guitars.

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Blues Origins Spanish Fandango and Sebastopol | Blues | Guitars

Somehow this instrumental permeated both White and Black blues and country music. It was one of the first tunes that traditional guitarists learnt in the late s and early s. We currently don't have any genres associated with this song. Would you like to contribute? Add Genre. We currently don't have any styles associated with this song.

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