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The first issue, printed as both Flash Comics 1 and Thrill Comics 1, had a low-print run in the fall of as an ashcan copy created for advertising purposes.

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Shortly after its printing, however, Fawcett found it could not trademark "Captain Thunder", "Flash Comics", or "Thrill Comics", because they were already in use. The word balloons in the story were subsequently re-lettered to label the hero of the main story of the book as "Captain Marvel". Whiz Comics 2 was published in late and dated February Since it was the first of that title to actually be published, the issue is sometimes referred to as Whiz Comics 1, despite the issue number printed on it.

Inspirations for Captain Marvel came from a number of sources. His visual appearance was modeled after that of Fred MacMurray, a popular American actor of the period. Beck's later versions of the character would resemble other American actors, including Cary Grant and Jack Oakie. Fawcett Publications' founder, Wilford H. Fawcett, was nicknamed "Captain Billy", which inspired the name "Billy Batson" and Marvel's title as well.

In addition, Fawcett adapted several of the elements that had made Superman popular super strength and speed, science-fiction stories, a mild mannered reporter alter ego , and incorporated them into Captain Marvel.

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Fawcett's circulation director Roscoe Kent Fawcett recalled telling the staff, "give me a Superman, only have his other identity be a 10 or year-old boy rather than a man. The body suit originally included a buttoned lapel, but was changed to a one-piece skintight suit within a year at the insistence of the editors the current DC costume of the character has the lapel restored to it, presumably to differentiate from Superman's outfit.

The costume also included a white collared cape trimmed with gold flower symbols, usually asymmetrically thrown over the left shoulder and held around his neck by a gold cord. The cape came from the ceremonial cape worn by the British nobility, photographs of which appeared in newspapers in the s.

Spoilers end here. This reference article is mainly selected from the English Wikipedia with only minor checks and changes see www. See also our Disclaimer. Captain Marvel, from the interior of The Trials of Shazam!

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Whiz Comics 2 , historical The Power of Shazam! Characteristics Alter ego.

Magically bestowed aspects of various mythological figures which include vast super-strength, speed and stamina, physical and magical invulnerability, flight, fearlessness, vast wisdom, enhanced mental perception, control over and emission of magic lightning and vast untapped magical powers. As Captain Marvel, Billy has instant access to a vast amount of scholarly knowledge. The wisdom of Solomon also gives Marvel clairvoyance and provides him with counsel and advice in times of need.

In early Captain Marvel stories, he also had knowledge of all languages and sciences, ancient and modern, and could hypnotize people as well, through this power.

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The Marvel Family is tasked with carrying, and dropping, a massive bomb, on London. Billy Batson distracts one of his guards, giving the Flash an opening. Superman spies the Marvel Family, approaching London with the bomb. Captain Marvel drop kicks the bomb on London. Superman breaks off his battle with Captain Marvel, to go after the bomb.

The Earth Changer

The Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, follow. Though the three heroes manage to detonate the bomb before it hits London, the resulting explosion renders them all unconscious, leaving them at the mercy of the Marvel Family. Plastic Man is shot out of the sky.

Plastic Man quickly remolds himself into a raft. Despite the Flash providing propulsion, both he, and Plastic Man, are hit by German gunfire.

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The German's close in on the All-Star Squadron. The battle over, the Batsons, Freeman, and the Marvel Family, all speak their magic words in unison, reuniting them, while simultaneously, returning them to Earth-"S". This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

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